Comedy night at the comedy club

Dear Friends and supporters of ALCF

We thank you for supporting us through the years. Now we need your support again to sell or buy tickets for this event as we are trying to generate funds without too much hard work from board members. Please be our angels and get your social groups together for a night full of laughter at the comedy club. Proceeds will go to ALCF and you can even buy tickets for your employees as Christmas gifts and help the foundation this way.You may do this on line as it says on the flyer and the tickets will be mailed to you ,or we also are selling actual tickets where you can hand deliver them (as soon as this week end) as gifts at your Christmas parties.Please help us do our Godly work and be an angel for ALCF.
Write or call for the actual tickets to be mailed or delivered to you.
Thank you in advance.
office 562-598-8025 or 562-221-7231 cell