Monthly Newsletter August 2017


We had an unforgettable trip to Sevan  with our Myradoon residents and “Feed The Elders” program participants.
At our elders request, we planned a Sevan trip on Friday  and Seta Kurdahi sponsored the trip expense and Hrach & Araz Ghazarian sponsored the usual Friday meal. With the head of Mrs.Ghazarian,staff,  shelter residents and elders had an amazing trip.


Every time before our staff goes to deliver aid to a community,the warehouse keeper  makes all the clothing bags by their names according to the lists sent by municipalities.  On the distribution day village mayor sends a van so we put all the bags in it and follow them and organize the distribution process ourselves. More than 400 people receive humanitarian aid on each visit.

Our staff was busy visiting villages of different provinces.  In Kotayk province  The villagers of Alapars were waiting for us .  The distribution  was well organized.  90 needy families received  humanitarian aid. 
After distribution  of Alapars  village we went to Lusabats camp where all the campers are children from needy families, we donated them T-shirts, lots of Stainless steel kitchenware for the camp kitchen and also tomatoes from our green house.


In our recent newsletters, we had written about Lusine and her daughters: after 8 years we organized their meeting.
As we promised to the village mayor, we went to help all the needy people in his village and once again Lusine had another chance to see her daughters.
We distributed humanitarian aid to 105 needy families in Abovyan village, Ararat region. Villagers were waiting in front of Mayor’s house. We provided them with clothing, shoes, bags, toys and other necessary items. 
After distribution Lusine gave presents to her daughters supplied by ALCF and also money which she earned by working in the green house and kept it for that special occasion.
Both Lusine and the girls were very happy and we hope that this will be the beginning of their relationship and from now on they’ll meet more often and without our intervention.



This  month we were busy with celebrating parties and events .As the number of our residents increased ,so did the number of birthdays. We had 4 birthday parties and 2 (adamhadig) tooth parties this month. The lovely atmosphere that governs our Myradoon,  and all these events have a good influence  on their psychosocial state.