Monthly Newsletter November 2016


As it gets colder the residents numbers increase in our shelter. Four new residents with their children came to our center in November. One of them is 17 years old with a newborn. She came here straight from the hospital. No parents, no relatives. The man left her as he had nowhere to take her to live.
A new baby girl was born in our shelter,mother called her Mariam.
Our girls continue their classes.  It’s nice to see them full of life and a desire to start everything new.
Our residents made a lot of big and small bags, door stops, Christmas stockings and cards and we donated them to UCOM /Universal Communication/  corporation and they put them in the Christmas boutique in Northern avenue (HususayinBoghoda)to sell for charitable causes and help more needy families.
In November, staff and residents started to decorate the center getting ready for the New Year.
We distributed necessary items to families in need. As always,we received lots of letters of requests.
We continue to help Syrian refugees who come to our ALCF center in bus loads crying for heaters, dishes, pots & pans, portable ovens in addition to cloths jackets and blankets.
We have purchased so far more than 60 heaters and 30 ovens, 50 pots & pans and 30 portable cloth drying racks here in Armenia.
We need more as the demand is great and we cannot possibly do it without your help!!!!!
We gave blankets, baby layettes and pampers to all new born babies in hospitals.


  • Our volunteer General Doctor Suzan Onanyan, dentistArmineQamalyan ofLux- Med dental clinic who continue their charity work,by providing a much needed medical and dental care to our residents ,and their children in our shelter.
  • We thank Natali Pharm for donating organic Hipp baby food for our children enough, and extra to distribute to the needy.


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Armenia P 374-93-32-78-34 or 374-43-500-503 Armavir Marz, Ptghunk Village, Vartanatz 1