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 October 1, 2012


Dear Reader:

We are the Armenian Lighthouse Charitable Foundation (“ALCF”, formerly Paros “Lighthouse” Armenian Charitable Foundation USA). Our organization began over 10 years ago as a personal desire of Seta and Zuhrab Ghazarian to help our struggling brothers and sisters in Armenia. In the beginning, it started with collecting money and goods from family and friends, and personally distributing them to those most in need in Armenia. We are proud to have grown this mission into a foundation where we are now able to give much, much more. This includes the establishment of a battered women’s shelter located just outside of Yerevan. The need for shelters and safe havens like ours in our homeland is very substantial. Violence against women is a serious and widespread problem in Armenia. Our goal is to have many shelters for these women and children. We are focused on developing a process which not only provides food and shelter, but also provides skills that allows the women and children to re-enter society and contribute to our community. At present we have accommodations for fifteen (15) women and their children. We do the very best we can with limited resources and the dramatic circumstances that often surround these women.

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