Monthly Newsletter June 2017


We started the month with a very joyful event. We celebrated June 1st– International Day for Protection of Children.We organized lots of interesting games and competitions in our center then gave the children presents. Our children had lots of fun and enjoyed their special day!


Our Myradoon is full of moms and children. They are all victims of different kinds of domestic violence. Our team do their best to solve their problems. Our residents continue their classes of sewing, computer, English, manicure/pedicure, hairstyling, cooking & greenhouse.
Some of our residents work nearby the village, and earn money, soon they’ll be transferring  to our post shelter units ,in which we already have 6 women living under that program. They are strong enough to live independently.



We had a very beautiful event in the beginning of the month:

  • A Syrian immigrant family lives in Ptghunk village in extremely bad conditions. From the day they moved to Ptghunk, they continuously receive different kinds of aid from us: clothing,shoes, in winter months they also received portable oven, dryer, heater. They turned to us with a request to help them bless their son’s marriage in our church chapel as they were lacking the resources to organize it. Mrs. Seta asked the staff to take all the responsibilities & expenses on ALCF Ray of light program. We planed their wedding in two days, doing our best to make their day unforgettable! The bride chose her wedding gown and all the attributes from our center, we called our volunteer hairdresser, then ordered a beautiful wedding cake and bought champagne to celebrate their blessings after the ceremony. Our residents helped us a lot, the whole day they made wedding souvenirs “tarosiks” and decorated the backyard  for the ceremony. Father Partev blessed their newly created family.
  • Mesrobian school students with a teacher & two moms visited our center with a bus load of students. They sponsored “Feed the Elders” program for that day.The students served the elders and toured the facility mingled with the residents and enjoyed the children by playing with them. Enjoyed a hot delicious meal prepared for them.



La Canada high School of Pasadena Armenian club students came to the Alta Dena location and packed the donated materials. It was a wonderful experience for all. Our gratitude goes to Gregorians, Tujians and Chatoians for making this happen. The donations get accumulated there and the packing will be on their location. Our active volunteers Lori Karageozian and Shushig Keheian joined the group to minister and show the way as they have been with us for a while.





We continue our charity work visiting different communities and giving aid to the underprivileged people.  This time our staff went to Talin community in Aragatsotn region and distributed humanitarian aid to 90 needy families. They all expressed their gratitude for meeting their necessary needs. A lot of people came and took different kinds of aid from our office as well: clothing, shoes, walkers, bedside toilets, adult and baby diapers.




We are an open Shelter, Please come and visit our facility.
Make your donations to where it counts, and make a difference in the lives of ourresidents…

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