Monthly Newsletter July 2017




July was an extremely busy month for ALCF. We had lots of guests from different parts of the world who visited us and donated funds and other necessary items.
Our guests have a very positive effect on our residents.

  • Fuller Center visited our facilities with 15 of their participants headed by Leo Manuelian of NJ. They toured and had lots of questions. They were all flabbergasted with our activities and were emotional with shelter residents.
    We prepared a dessert and fruit table for them. 
  • AYF Youth Corp of CA visited our facility. 25 young adults enjoyed a delicious meal toured the facilities, played with the children and left with heavy hearts and contentment. 
    They promised to help our foundation in packing and shipping from CA. They played the piano and sang Armenian national songs.

It has been 2 years since Hratch and Araz Ghazarian started sponsoring “Feed the elders” program every Friday. In addition to Tuesdays. This makes our elders feel healthier. 
Hratch Ghazarian’s family visited our center during the Friday luncheon. Elders were very happy to meet them. They prayed together, then helped us serve the elders. After lunch they spent their time with our residents and the children. 



Myradoon is  full of mothers and children. This month with the request of an Armenian bishop from Egypt, we picked up a pregnant woman from the airport who came to live in our shelter from Egypt in her last month of pregnancy. She escaped from Egypt to get her baby an Armenian passport and be Baptized an Armenian Christian. We helped her with all the paperwork, she received her Armenian passport and delivered a baby girl in Republican maternity hospital. She called her Arev (the English translation of the name is Sun.)
We had another successful and heart touching story in our shelter. One of our residents who had been living in our shelter  almost 2 years now  with 2 baby boys, turned out she had a serious psychological trauma 8 years ago that she kept it from us and tried to hide it for all this time. Working with our psychologist we found out she had 2 daughters from a previous marriage that she had been threatened and kept away from  seeing them for 8 years now. 
Our staff noticed she was getting more and more depressed and having lots of headaches. Her anger was being directed on these two baby boys.We gave her an ultimatum to stop hitting the children or she will be expelled from the program and the children will be taken away from her. She decided to speak.We offered to be an intermediator to arrange for her to meet her daughters after 8 years. 
Talking with the mayor of their village, he agreed to help us get the OK from the father and the 2 daughters to see their mom.Now the mother is  smiling all the time. 
Soon we’ll arrange another meeting as we offered to go to the village and distribute clothing to the needy families of that village.

Our moms and children spent an amazing time on Sunday after church. Our founders Mr. & Mrs. Ghazarian took our residents to Echmiadzin Tashir Pizza. They ate delicious pizza,  The children had a lot of fun in the play area.






ALCF continues distributing  humanitarian aid to different provinces  in Armenia.
Our staff drove 210 km to get to Norakert village in Gegharkunik region and distributed humanitarian aid to 97 needy families․ 
We provided them with clothing, shoes, bags, toys and other necessary items.
The village was in extreme bad condition. The villagers were surprised to see an organizations that travels the distance to give them humanitarian aid .
The village did not have a Mayor’s office. We gave the aid outside in an open area. Their gratefulness and satisfied faces made us feel our job well done.
 We went to Haghartsin village in Tavush region and distributed humanitarian aid to 112 needy families. GoharZaher and our executive director/founder Mrs. Seta joined in the distribution process as well.
We provided them with clothing, shoes, bags, toys and other necessary items.
We organized another distribution process in Shirak and Hatsik villages in Shirak region and gave aid to 180 needy families.





We are an open Shelter, Please come and visit our facility.
Make your donations to where it counts, and make a difference in the lives of ourresidents…

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Armenia ph# 374-93-32-78-34, 374-43-500-503

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