Monthly Newsletter May 2017


We have started the month with the grand opening of one of our Post Shelter units!
Our founders built these units for 8 women and their children. Now 4 women with their children moved in. 
We gave them some food to start with, from now on they’ll continue on their own. They are financially independent as they work and earn their living but pay no rent.
Օur residents went to watch “The Promise” film. Our deepest gratitude to Anahit Ananian for donating money for the tickets.
We celebrated Ascension of Christ in our center. Our residents were so excited, they danced under traditional Armenian music with the staff.


We helped one of our former shelter residents by paying her tuition fee and she has completed the full course of the sports and therapeutic massage and health. Armine was in our shelter with her son Alik for over a year, Mrs Seta Ghazarian (founder/executive director) discovered that she had a massage talent as she had cured her father and made him walk again after the earthquake, so Mrs Seta persisted with her, giving her jobs to massage us and our guests for money that made her excited and wanted to pursue her education. A group of visitors from the USA were brought to our center by Gabriel a travel agent one of his sisters gave us $400 to send Armine to school after a hard winter she kept it up under all odds to finish her coarse.
We are proud of her and thank God for people like Gabriel and his sister who brought the guests and with their donations we saved another soul.




ALCF staff went to Dasht village in Armavir province. We distributed clothing, shoes,toys to 150 needy families.
We have also visited Noratus village in Gegharqunik province going a long way to reach those who need our help.
This month we have received lots of letters from Syrian refugees asking for aid. More than 30 Syrian Armenians received  clothing, blankets, quilts, kitchenware and other necessary items from our center.Besides, every day a lot of families come to our doors asking for the items they need.
The letters of requests from underprivileged and handicapped families were multiplied as well.
We have still a lot of registered families who wait for their turn to receive the aid. 





  • We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Garo Berberian and his father from England for donating us money to buy medicine, and Dr Susanna Onanyan for buying and bringing them to our center.
  • Our container that was sent by our founders from the US arrived in our warehouse.
    Thanks to all the donors!
  • Mrs. Rose-Marie Boranian and the group from Canada for finding a time from their very full schedule and visiting our center!
    They all were left very much touched and impressed with the work we do for our shelter residents and underprivileged people.
  •  Doctor Suzan Onanyan, dentist Armine of Lux- Med dental clinic who continue their charity work, by providing a much needed medical and dental care to our residents, and their children.
  • To the Shirikian  family for donating all the colorful plastic bags to use to distribute  the donated goods to all the recipients.
  • To Tom Gabriel for donating all the boxes that we use to send the donated goods in the containers to Armenia.




We are an open Shelter, Please come and visit our facility.
Make your donations to where it counts, and make a difference in the lives of ourresidents…

ALCF P.O. Box 3595 Seal Beach, California 90740

USA Ph # 562.598.8025

Armenia ph# 374-93-32-78-34, 374-43-500-503

Address in Armenia: Armavir Marz, Ptghunk Village, Vartanatz 1   E-mail: