Monthly Newsletter December 2016



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This month was extremely busy for ALCF. As the holidays were closer we were busy with organizing parties, preparing presents for all the participants of our programs and kindergarten; who prepared New Year’s “handes” and invited us to take part in it.

Our residents surprised us with their great New Year performance. The children were amazing imitating cartoon heroes, mothers were reciting poems and singing.  The performance was fantastic, Mrs. Ghazarian joined to the show by skype, and we applauded our residents and thanked them for the wonderful emotions.

In the middle of the month our residents were invited to Yerevan State Puppet theatre to the show “New Year’s miracle”. After the show residents toured around the city and enjoyed the Christmas decorations all around Yerevan.
They also visited Northern avenue lodge where their handicrafts were shown. Vrej and Hermineh Gregorians joined us in the Northern Avenue as well and bought some interesting handicrafts from the lodge.   The visit gave our residents some new extraordinary strength to continue to work day and night making big and small bags, door stops, Christmas stockings and other necessities. The campaign of helping more underprivileged families was organized by  UCOM /Telecommunication company/  and ALCF got involved in that program  trying to bring joy to those who need it at the best time of the year.


At the end of the year, we organized a great festivity for our residents!
We gave them a traditional Armenian New Year, with lots of food. Santa Clause came and brought presents for our children and moms. They enjoyed the day!



The amount of letters of requests and communities who ask for help were multiplied in December. We do the utmost to reach everybody who needs help.
We sent warm clothing, toys to Kharabagh’s needy families.
We continue to help Syrian Armenians who  are coming to our ALCF center in bus loads. We have distributed so far more than 75 portable ovens,  100 heaters,  70 pots & pans, 50 portable cloth drying racks, dishes, blankets, warm clothing. We were working in the cold weather outside putting all the clothing, blankets, and kitchenware on the tables, whoever came could choose what they need. Almost 90 Syrians families of (5-9 members in each family) immigrants, received aid only in  December.


“Feed the Elders” program is ongoing thanks to our supporters!  We organized a Christmas party for the program participants. Elders enjoyed Christmas carols during all the luncheon and danced waltz with the Santa, then we distributed their gifts.  Residents continue serving them with limitless love. Our elders left the center with smiles on their faces, fully enjoyed their days.




  • December 7th shipment from LB was our 5 th 40 footer this year, another 20 footer came from Knights of Vartan New Jersey thanks to all the donors to make this a Blessed year for all the Armenians in Armenia specially the Syrian Armenians.

  • Sosy Hachigian with her children arranged cloth drive in Corona Del Mar High school, Armenian Club to gather clothing from different families. Collected and boxed 30 boxes in Hachigian’s garage. We thank the Hachigian family and all involved from the Armenian club for doing this from their heart and sharing God’s blessings with the unfortunate.

  • We had our table in Christmas boutique at Ari Giragos school in Santa Ana. We did very well raising funds for the cause. Thanks to all the donors.

  • We had another table for Christmas boutique  in St Mary’s church in Newport, and did well.

  • We thank Children Association NGO for donating food for our residents.
  • Now it is easier to make your donations.

             Just go to: http://Paypal.Me/Armenianlighthouse

Please support this Godly work and make your end of year donations now. This Foundation deals direct with the needy and the underprivileged.

  • We are going to have an event. Please keep March 19 open for an event in Glendale “Ararat” Homenetmen. We’ll post the detailed information and send you the flyer soon.



Our staff had a great New Year party. Our executive director Mrs. Seta prepared presents for all of us before leaving Armenia in October. We thank her for being so attentive and giving each staff member such beautiful presents.
We are very grateful for her unconditional love❤❤❤

We are an open Shelter, Please come and visit our facility.
Make your donations to where it counts, and make a difference in the lives of our
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